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My primary method of treatment used in the practice is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is an evidence-based method that looks to address our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors connect with one another to explain the irrational or unhelpful thought patterns and counterproductive behavior habits that stops us from moving into a healthy journey of life. 


It is exciting to know that I can reach my clients through teletherapy. I offer services online and over the phone to accommodate clients whose schedules are busy and present with barriers. To take part in these services you must be in the state where I am licensed in. Currently, I am licensed in New York and New Jersey.

 Organizational Development

Have you ever became stuck as an organization? Do you have trouble with team building? 

As an I/O psychologist my experiences as a manager, researcher, and 

currently as a senior director has given the opportunity to ask the why, what, and how to improve the organization.

We offer the following services around organizational development:

      1.  Change Management Strategies

      2.  Executive Coaching

      3. Team Building

      4. Clinical Training

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